TLC’s Cake Boss has a different kind of recipe for beach festivals!

Beach Music Festival

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

Buddy Valastro–Cake Boss

Expectations / Goals
Commemorate the revitalized Boardwalk with an element of interest and enthusiasm

Event Overview
Celebrity cut the ribbon along with the Mayor at a public event, unveiling the renovated Boardwalk in Myrtle Beach. This was followed by a Meet & Greet session. Buddy also created a 20′ x 10′ cake for the occasion in the shape of a flip-flop. Slices of the cake were sold with all proceeds benefitting a local charity.

Buddy Valastro proved to be popular with kids as well as adults. The creation of the Myrtle Beach flip-flop became an episode on Buddy’s TV series, “Cake Boss”

“Buddy was a true delight!”

“Enjoyed meeting with my fans in Myrtle Beach as well as having the opportunity to create a cake to kick off their celebration.”

Lessons Learned
Great idea to have an added element in tandem with the Meet & Greet

Future Recommendations
Be creative when putting together suggestions and initiate additional components to the Celebrity’s appearance